Breast Massage

Therapeutic Breast Massage

Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio is nationally known for their use of Therapeutic Breast Massage in Lactation (TBML). Breast massage can be beneficial for mothers experiencing breast engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis and even chronic breast pain. We encourage mothers to use the general principles at home, alternating hand expression and gentle breast massage to help decrease swelling and improve breast drainage. If you are not getting symptom relief at home, then consider in-office TBML treatment with Dr. Witt or one of our lactation consultants

Teaching You at Home

The basics of these techniques are demonstrated below in our video and described in our paper.   A member of our team, Maya Bolman, RN, IBCLC particularly focuses on TBML treatment. Maya teaches the techniques at workshops and conferences nationally and internationally. Maya has completed Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Level 1 and 2 from Chikly Health Institute. We have found mothers find a significant decrease in pain, engorgement and plugged duct symptoms following in-office TBML.

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The Basics of Breast Massage and Hand Expression from Maya Bolman on Vimeo.

“Before the office visit, I did not know how to do massage or hand expression. I would recommend it to all mothers who have similar problems. I learned how to do it and when I had a new episode of plugged duct I was able to resolve it by myself quickly using hand expression and breast massage techniques that I learned.” Olga K.

“Amazing results from the massage. I was able to continue to perform the massage shown to me and alleviate all the pain!” Kathleen B.

“Dr. Witt was very helpful and taught me good techniques to avoid this problem in the future. She is the best Dr. I trust her expertise.” Kate K.