Post-Partum Visit

Helping Mothers After Hospital Discharge

Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio provides consultations to mothers upon hospital discharge. Even though breastfeeding is “natural”, it still requires the learning of skills to help you be more successful and meet your breastfeeding goals. Research supports, what many mothers know, that support soon after hospital discharge is important for continued breastfeeding success. If you would like additional guidance and support after hospital discharge please call to schedule an appointment with us.

As a starting point, these visits are typically scheduled with one of our lactation consultants. If there are particular difficulties such as worsening pain despite correction of the latch, severe engorgement, infant tongue tie, low maternal milk supply, poor infant weight gain or you have already worked with another lactation consultant starting with a full consult with Dr. Witt may be more appropriate.

  1. What should I expect during this visit?

    Typically, the consult is scheduled for one hour during which time both the mother and baby are evaluated. Expect to be breastfeeding your baby during this visit. The visit includes:

    • Taking a breastfeeding and medical history
    • Newborn exam
    • Observation of a breastfeeding session with you and your baby
    • Evaluating baby’s latch or positioning
    • Troubleshooting any challenges that you are experiencing
    • Reassurance and answers to any questions you may have
    • Close follow-up by phone or appointment if needed

    After your visit, we will provide communication with your primary care provider.

Do I need to be a patient at Senders Pediatrics to obtain services at Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio?

No. While we are housed in the same building, Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio is a separate entity. Patients and mothers from practices all over the area, come for one-time or several consultations to receive breastfeeding support and guidance only. Patients at Senders Pediatrics simply gain from the convenience of our location just being down the hall from their primary providers. We will update your primary care provider about your visit.