Support Group

PREP+ Peer Support Group

In 2014, we established PREP + Mom’s Breastfeeding Support Group. This peer support group consists of both an in-person group and a Facebook group. Mothers are welcome to be a part of one or both.

Most mothers find that they need support to meet their breastfeeding goals.  Our in-person group meets the first Thursday of the month.  It provides general support, resources if you are preparing to return to work, and an opportunity to share your experiences with other mothers.

What does the group discuss?

This is a casual breastfeeding support group where all breastfeeding topics are discussed.  To assist those mothers returning to work, we have organized the return to work discussion around 5 themes.

P : Preparation: Preparing to return to work
R : Resources: Topics for communicating with employers
E : Expression: Expressing breast milk; Pump use; Breast milk storage
P : Parenting: Breastfeeding friendly childcare principles
+ : Extra topics: General breastfeeding support; Troubleshooting workplace concerns

When and where does the group meet?

  • When: First Thursday of each month from 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
  • Where: Conference room at Senders Pediatrics
  • Who: Breastfeeding mothers and their infants

How else can I be a part of a support group?

Please join our Facebook group at PREP+ Working Moms Breastfeeding Peer Support  Group for additional opportunities to connect with other breastfeeding mothers.  Mothers are welcome to be a part of this group even if they are unable to attend the in-person support group.