Tongue Tie

In-Office Frenotomy

At Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio, Dr. Witt is able to treat tongue tie in the office by performing a frenotomy. Ankyloglossia, also known as tongue tie, can limit your infant’s tongue movement affecting latch, causing pain and impacting maternal milk supply. As there can be many causes for latching difficulties, pain and low milk supply, it is important that any tongue tie concerns be evaluated in the context of a full breastfeeding evaluation.   During your visit, Dr. Witt will evaluate all aspects of breastfeeding and help determine if a frenotomy is appropriate. Following the procedure, Dr. Witt will address any remaining breastfeeding difficulties.

If you are experiencing breast or nipple pain or are concerned about your baby’s latch, please call 216-291-9210 to schedule a consultation. If this procedure is an option, we will discuss the details during your visit.