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Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio is dedicated to helping breastfeeding mothers and babies achieve breastfeeding success as defined by the individual breastfeeding mother and child. We combine medical and lactation support for both the mother and baby.

A Place to Turn to with Questions, Concerns or Complications

Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio was started in 2008 by Ann M. Witt, MD, FABM, IBCLC with the goal of offering breastfeeding mothers and babies of Ohio a place to turn when experiencing breastfeeding questions, challenges or complications. Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio has worked with thousands of mothers from all over the area with concerns related to their breastfeeding experience. Breastfeeding medicine combines medical evaluation, evidence based medicine and lactation support to address breastfeeding challenges.

Evidence-Based Medicine and a Commitment to Research 

Recognizing that at times specialized medical knowledge is needed, we work continually to provide you with access to the most up to date practices in breastfeeding medicine. We utilize evidence-based medicine and conduct breastfeeding research while providing personalized follow-up to make certain we are helping you meet your goals. We are the first practice in the country to research and offer in-office Therapeutic Breast Massage for the treatment of engorgement, mastitis and plugged ducts. Additionally, we promote breastfeeding education to individuals, healthcare providers and the community.