Family and Friend Support of Breastfeeding

Successful Breastfeeding Depends on More Than Just the Mother and the Baby

Women are more likely to feel confident about breastfeeding and breastfeed for a longer time period if they feel supported by family and friends.  Women who do not have this support can often feel more overwhelmed and wean from breastfeeding earlier than their original goal.

Support is extremely important for a breastfeeding mom.  If you are a spouse, family member or friend of a breastfeeding mother, there are many ways to show your support:

  • Offer encouragement.
  • Give mom an opportunity to rest or nap by holding the baby between feedings.
  • Make nutritious meals and snacks for mom to help increase her energy.
  • Help clean the house or hire help for mom to decrease these other responsibilities.
  • Offer to drive mom to any medical appointments or run errands.
  • If she is struggling, help her problem solve and find solutions.
  • As she returns to work, help her find resources. PREP+ is a great place to start.

And most importantly, whether breastfeeding is going well or they are struggling, mothers benefit from hearing words of encouragement and congratulations at any time they are breastfeeding.