Perinatal Loss Support

Perinatal Loss Support:

    In the incredibly difficult moments of perinatal loss, families are faced with many challenges each unique to their experience. One of the practical challenges faced by many families is how to manage lactation in settings of illness and loss. We have compiled some resources to help navigate these challenges.


    Gentle breast massage and hand expression can be a tool for relieving the physical discomfort of engorgement. For more details see our video “Breast Massage and Hand Expression Following Perinatal Loss.”

Other Resources:

    Courageous Parents Network:

    International Lactation Consultant Association (professional organization of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who can provide assistance to mothers):

    La Leche League International (mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education about lactation):

    PLIDA (Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance):

    “When a Mother Experiences Infant Loss,” La Leche League International: available upon contacting a La Leche League leader.

    Milk Donation:

      Some bereaved families may explore the option of donating pumped breast milk as part of their child’s legacy. Donated breast milk is typically used to help other ill and premature infants. Some parents may find legacy milk beneficial in their grieving process. Should you decide to donate consider seeking the guidance of a lactation consultant.

      Human Milk Banking Association of North America (to locate an appropriate milk bank for donations):