Build Your Support Network

Successful breastfeeding depends on more than just the mother and the baby. There are many ways to build your support network!

  • PREP+ Mom’s Support Group: Peer support from other breastfeeding mothers is critical. This groups provides general support, resources if you are preparing to return to work, and an opportunity to share your experiences with other mothers.
  •  Facebook:
    • To keep up on breastfeeding events and recent news in the Cleveland area visit our Facebook Page.
    • To connect with other breastfeeding mom’s when your schedule does not allow you to meet in person, visit our PREP+ Support Group Page

“I feel so blessed to have had the care of the women at Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio and Sender’s Pediatrics. When I gave birth to my first child, I was largely without breastfeeding role models as my mother had passed away years ago and the other mother figures in my life had not breastfed their children.  As an Anthropologist, I romanticized traditional cultures in which a new mom was mentored through the first months of breastfeeding by the female elders in her village who offered limitless time and advice.  What I found was that the lactation consultants played that role for me.  I immediately felt adopted by them as family.  It was clear that they cared about the success of my breastfeeding efforts as much as my mother would have.  They offered to see me often, even called me after visits to ensure I had understood all the important points. (And by the way, I didn’t have a particularly difficult time breastfeeding, this was just the normal treatment.)  After my baby regained her birthweight at 2 weeks, and then gained impressively after that, I couldn’t help but feel like my daughter and I had been blessed with the care from the lactation consultants.  Given how many older women in my community had not breastfed, I honestly don’t know where the advice I needed would have come from without the folks at Breastfeeding Medicine.”—Nikky R.